Sunday, October 19, 2008

karey & eddie: a sneak peek

the event took place at the bride's mother's home.
the flowers were different shades of white. very elegant and classy.
i'm so proud to say the hubby, j., took these great cake pix! what can i say? he's inspired by sweets! mary lou, a family friend, made this wonderful, beach-inspired masterpiece!

there they are! a moment of laughter!
they are so in love. they adore each other.
there's eddie again, making her laugh. making US laugh! makes our job so much easier!
this cute flower girl was dodging me all day. but i was able to catch this great shot!
this boy was such a good sport. i love the starfish theme. LOVE IT!

i vow to....make you laugh. for the rest of your life.

the moment we met karey and eddie, we knew this was going to be a fun, relaxed wedding. we knew that we would have a great time shooting their wedding. they had a disclaimer, that they were not "picture people." generally when people tell me that, i usually prepare myself by anticipating that the couple will feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and that they will not a lot of direction and guidance in composing a natural shot. my goal of the day, is really to capture the moment and capture the personality of the couple. we try to make them feel relaxed, and find the laughter or humor in a stressful situation, which weddings can be. but, this time, it wasn't the case. 

from the moment we arrived at the ceremony site, they were in good spirits-surrounded by loved ones. and so....relaxed. i thought, this is what it's all about. they must be meant for each other. karey and eddie found love, like meg ryan and tom hanks did on  the movie, "You've Got Mail"(j. always brings that up!). they found love online. the power of the internet! (and i guess fate and cupid had something to do with it!)  they couldn't stop hugging, kissing and laughing. oh...she loves to laugh...and he loves to make her laugh. 

karey and eddie are genuine people. they welcomed us in their home as part for the family, and we felt right at home. their friends and family were warm and down-to-earth. and...they are genuinely happy. they talk about each other, like they are each other's air they breathe. karey's speech included talking about being so lucky to have found love again through eddie. and eddie spoke to one of the guests about being so excited to marry karey, he knew this time, this love was real (ok...i paraphrase. but he said something along those lines). 

we wanted to stay and have more tacos and beer, but i wanted to get home and upload these pictures and relive the whole wedding all over again. so if you want to see more pictures from their event, check back later! you don't want to miss it!

thank you, karey and eddie for your hospitality and generosity. oh...and laughter. it reminds me why i married j. 

laughter is truly the best medicine.

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