Sunday, April 20, 2008

soon i will be two: a boy's portrait

meet my next subject. his name is shawn anthony, and he is cutest kid on the block! he is almost 2 years old, and like children before him, was the boss of this shoot. generally, when taking photos of small children, i believe the best shots are when one of two things are happening: 1)doing something relaxed and fun, and 2)the last shots of the day.

shawn's mommy said, "if you can take one good picture of shawn and the 2 of us, i would be happy and indebted to you forever!" ok...ok...i paraphrase. it's not that shawn is a difficult child to shoot, but like other mommies and daddies, it takes a lot of skill, energy, and prayer, to get your child to take the picture that you envision to be the "family portrait." usually what happens is that one parent is behind the camera and the other one is in the picture, holding their child. but that's the beauty of having a photographer that comes to your preferred location, and allowing your child to roam, and be relaxed and have fun. those are the golden moments you want captured!

needless to say, and not surprisingly, i was able to capture more than one good shot of shawn and his parents. i think a good shoot means that when i look at the pictures as a whole, it tells the story of that family, paints a picture of how they feel for one another. in this shoot, the ligon family showed lots of love, fun, and patience.

check out my blog later in the week. this shoot has inspired me to publish a new baby book sample. here's his album showcase with the best shots of this portrait session on there.

thank you, beau, debbie, and shawn, for the opportunity to capture your moment.


Mario Villagran said...

Great pictures of the Ligon family. Shawn is a really cute kid.

Maile Camacho said...

Such cute pics! I can't wait to have a shoot with GJSpiller Photography again! You guys are awesome! - Maile Camacho