Thursday, April 3, 2008

happy 2nd anniversary

it's been a little more than 2 years since this wedding. i love this picture. it was a wedding in vegas. small, intimate wedding. just family and close friends. this shot was taken right after they got married. she changed into a reception kimono at the hotel, and i followed them to their car, giving them some private time, to relish the moment. there were so many stares from people around them. gazing at the couple, stopped in their tracks to look at the stunning bride. many asked me who they were, where did they come from, one lady was trying to coax her little girl to run and ask the bride where she had come from, did she come from japan?'s one of those moments that you just want to keep somewhere sacred and secret, somewhere you can play back again, and feel "that way" again. i don't know what they were talking about, if they were talking at all, but i knew what they were feeling.

joy. pure joy.

and that's why i do what i do.

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