Friday, February 22, 2008

Wedding Album Showcase

I love designing albums. I never design 2 albums the same. It's difficult because all weddings and couples are different. I think the most exciting thing for me to do, next to photographing, is looking at all the pictures of the event, and choosing which images tell the story of that day. A lot of my images are candid, tender moments, as well as images that give you a sense of "being there," which also includes details, like the setting, the favors, the flowers, the gown, etc. 

When I got married last year, I was dreaming about my wedding album, and hoping that everytime I look through my album, I would be able to recall the events, but mostly be able to feel the way I did that day (oooo...goosebumps). My album was something that I knew that I would one day pass down to my children, and maybe my children's children. It would be the Story of Us. I know...corny...but it's so true! 

This is a wedding sample album (not all the pages, of course). What happens, is that I design the album pages within a week or so of the wedding, post it online for the newlyweds to view, and they can make changes as they see fit! I know I've done my job when the couple says, "I love them...all!" 

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