Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Rave of '07

My newest and most fun discovery! Pampered Sweets! I wanted to give a gift that was not only practical, but also pretty and original. Pampered Sweets' gifts were just what I was looking for!

This started as a woman who was determined to make her own baby shower favors, and she stumbled upon a unique and innovative way to make gifts and favors fun and decorative.

She specializes in the Diaper Cake (Top).It is a three layered "cake" filled with baby goodies, like onesies, pacifiers, ointment, lotion, washcloths, you name it! You'll see that this looks almost good enough to eat! My favorites are the little Spa Cup Cakes, (middle and bottom photo) made out of a hand towel, and all the pampered things a busy girl needs to relax and feel pretty. I bought a few of these for my cousin's baby shower, and gave them away as raffle prizes. They were a hit! These come in a bigger size, also, called Spa Cakes, which use a thick, full body bath towel, instead!

Each product she makes is truly one of a kind. You pick the theme, the colors, the size and the products. She does the rest!! She customizes it for ALL of her clients. No pre-made packaging here!! And you get all the credit for being so thoughtful! From what I hear, most of her recipients of these gifts do not take the centerpieces apart. They're too pretty !!

Contact me, or contact Pampered Sweets directly:, if you want more information. Tell her that GJ Spiller sent ya!

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